Nuseum is a newly founded 4 Piece Hard Rock act from Adelaide, South Australia created by brothers Dan, Lach & Nath Rogers together with long time band mate Steve Stouppos.

The boys have been gigging and writing for other Adelaide bands such as The Lost Show, Streetlight Symphony, 8th Degree & Shocktactics for the last 11 years and recently decided to come together to form an act that combines all of their influences and places their signature massive guitars together with melodic vocals and huge drums. The result is Nuseum.

Nuseum have spent the last 12 months in the rehearsal studio in pre-production writing a set of tracks that is sure to hit hard and fast and leave fans wanting more. The first of these tracks, Elements, was recorded with Simon Kither & Michael Carver at the iconic Chapel Lane Studios in Hindmarsh, SA. 

Elements takes you on a tour of the current mindset of the members band, growing up in the Adelaide music scene together taking in all that there is to learn and then subsequently branching off into their own niche genres, only to return and rekindle the fire that burns brightest when the boys collaborate together.

The boys are heading back into the studio in late 2016 to record their debut EP together which is sure to blow the hair back on music lovers around the country.

you can keep up to date with Nuseum at the following link: